2022 Performance Calendar

Now accepting Booking for 2022: Starting in the month of May 2022.

Riverfront Concert International Festival May 7,2022 - Performance time= 12:55 pm to 1:05 pm.

Mel Parker Concert May 23, 2020 ...Cancelled Due to Crono Virus Threat

Canceled due to Crono Virus Threat March 27, 2020    Pearson Cancer Center @ 1:00 PM   Mel Parker Concert

Previous events


Mel Parker Concert

Private WC Concert, TBA, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks to the folks at Westminster Canterbury it was an honor to sing for you and I really appreciate you hospitality,

Thanks to you all.

Mel Parker


The Big John Trimble Show

The Big John Trimble Show, Richmond, VA

Mel's songs will be featured on the Big John Trimble Radio Show for the week of July 20 thru the 26th. John will interview Mel at 11AM on Friday the 26th of July.


Mel Parker Concert

Mel Parker Concert, 2401 Hill St, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks to the folks who came to the concert, you were a wonderful audience. I was amazed at how many members of the audience knew the lyrics to some of the cover tunes, that I sang on the show. Thanks for your participation.


Free to Residents


Mel Parker Concert

West Side Deli, 7701 Timberlake Rd., Lynchburg, VA

Mel will perform songs from his latest CD Love Notes`Classic Country. I enjoyed performing for the guest at West Side, it was great to see old friends and new. Thanks for listening, 

Mel Parker

Free to Customers of West Side Deli


Mel Parker Concert

Pearson Cancer Center, Tates Spring Rd., Lynchburg,, VA

Mel will sing some of his orginal and cover songs, you may preview Mel's music at Melparker.com


Recording Session Back Ground Vocals

Hambone Studio, 20722 Timberlake Rd. Forum, Suite 7, Lynchburg, VA.

Back Ground Vocals for Mel Parker's Songs, "A Stick Horse" and " The Valley of the Blue Ridge". Back Ground Singers, Robbie Hiner, Venessa Norman, *** *******, Sound Engineer Jacob Clayton.

Recording session


Recording Session

Recording Session Hambone Studio, Timbrook Square, timberlake, Virginia

Recording session


Mel Parker Concert

Westminster Canterbury, The Commons on VES Rd., Lynchburg, VA

Thanks to Westminster Canterbury and residence, you were a wonderful audience and thanks to Tom M. for you help.

Sincerely, Mel Parker


Mel Parker Concert

West Side Deli, 7701 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg, VA

News and Updates

News and Updates