Everybody Knows

Mel Parker

Solid traditional classic country Mel's voice is soft to dynamic.

Indy singer/songwriter loves his music and singing and hopes you will too. Virginia born and raised... making music is family tradition. Mel's natural talent is an integral part of his being and he is humbled and grateful for his abilities.He makes the most of his vocal instrument on a wide range of melodies from the easy listening sounds of classic love songs and ballads to county, pop, rock and blues. Mel started singing professionally at age 17 and he is proud to present his third CD "Everybody Knows". The title track of the CD is called "Everybody Knows" and it tells of the amusing, but true events as they unfold and lead to a special occurrence in Mel's family.

A very heartfelt debt of gratitude and special thanks to Dale Thompson, Mel' music buddy and long time friend as Dale recorded most of the instrumental tracks on all three of Mel's CD's starting in 1988. Mel appears throughout Virginia at festivals, concerts and fund raiser's and he has voice will travel.Mel is relatively unknown on the national circuit but he is well received in the Central Virginia region and is becoming widely know as his second CD Mel Parker 18 mega song CD "The Cutworm Special "is being played and purchased both as digital down loads and hard copies though out the US and in foreign countries.Thanks to http://www.cdbaby.com/all/melparker and MEL'S website. Http://www.melparker.com Mel is a performing singer/songwriter and his solo act consist of his orginal music as well as Classic Country, Pop, and R&B favorites. Mel performs with studio tracks or house bands. For booking email melparker@melparker.com Grand Ole Opry Sponsor honors Mel P. in their feature stories of it's 2007 Winter Humana Acitve Outlook Magazine. Those Melodies, Those songs and Turn Your Radio On the Grand Ole Opry is Playing.

Individual song downloads are available at mymusicsite.com/melparker for $.99

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