“The good guys” (Old School Rap)

By Mel Parker w & m C April 8, 2015

 Sitting on the front porch, Oakley Avenue, watching all the cars go by

Along came Mamie Mormon in her old model T, picking up table scraps that’s she’s goanna feed her cats, I’d earn a penny every time, that she’d buy some from me.

Every night on the radio I’d listen for a Hi yo…the lone ranger rides again.          On Fridays the FBI sponsored by E-Q-U-I- … T-A-B-L-E.                                                And there was Howard Cosell, the Friday Night Fights in his own inimitable way, at ringing of the bell…in his rapid fire, staccato, nasal, monotone,

 You could hear him say… Joe Louis- “the Brown Bomber”, Rocky Marciano, Cassius Cl-ay… A.K.A… Mohammad Ali.  I can still see them in my radio mind, but that was before TV … for me & my family.

 Well, then… my cousin Bucky, taught me how to fight with those Everlasting boxing gloves. He’d get down on his knees and teach me to box & weave, and that laughter kept the pain away.  Often times he’d exclaim … be good and behave or the wicked witch would come and take me away… he said: she lived upstairs in the attic of his house but never saw the light of day. Well, I never saw the witch that he was talking about, but each night when darkness rolled around, there were, flickering, flashing shadows dancing across the room, … yes, flickering, flashing shadows…like witches on a broom, … flickering, flashing shadows  … from the headlights of the  cars , but no flickering witch was ever seen….

On Saturday mornings we’d ride the bus downtown and watch cowboy movies all-day.  With Gene, Roy, and Hop a-Longshooting first… then singing songs, they’d always catch the bad guy before they’d ride away, and the kids in audience laughed & sang along, as we watched the bouncing ball and ate pop-corn.

And the good guys in white hats kissed their horses and rode off into the sunset. And the good guys in white hats kissed their horse

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